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We firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to ensure that, students choose the appropriate academic pathway. With this in mind, we assist students by giving comprehensive information about study opportunities overseas. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at all times.

We give information on the top ranked MCI/WHO recognized medical universities and provide you with the right university according to your requirement.

Our genuine advice helps students find the best university to kick start their MBBS course. We provide all information from the admission procedure to lifestyle and basic requirements of living in a foreign country

Our branch offices are in various cities, where our candidates can visit and choose the medical university of their choice. If demanded, we provide the counselor at your home also. They will not only provide guidance but will also help you throughout from the time of getting admission to reaching the university.



Once the candidate has chosen the university for which he/she seeks admission, the documents are verified by our counsellors and the admission procedure is taken forward. The detailed Information of the admission procedure is described in our Home Page admission procedure

After the admission is confirmed, visa and ticket is handed over to the candidate, our counsellors help them prepare for their travel by providing necessary guidance.

Our counsellors help students pay the fees to the university and advice them how to carry their personal expenses, and required documents safely and securely.


After the admission is confirmed ,visa and ticket is handed over to the candidate our counselors help them prepare for their travel by providing necessary guidance.

Our counselors help students pay the fees to the university and advice them how to carry their personal expenses, and required documents safely and securely.


Our duties do not end here, it has just started. One or more counselors accompany our candidates to the university and help them settle in their new dormitory/hostel and get them acquainted with the teachers, seniors and help them understand the basic things related to their day to day life.
We also welcome any parents who would like to accompany us to the university.

Safety regarding women is unfortunately an issue in our country but china has made it safe for women. For the satisfaction of parents we also provide a lady counselor in the flight who will accompany with them. Everything is ensured by us and we provide comfort and safety to our candidates.

Our company is experienced in handling various concerns of our students. Interested candidates are dealt at personal level also


Information regarding Qualifying Exam like MCI screening/FMGE or a Chinese language course is also provided.

As we have already mentioned all our counselors are either doctors or highly qualified individuals, they also provide information and guidance for qualifying exams like MCI screening exam, or post graduate exams like AIPGMEE, USMLE, AMC.

Interested candidates can also join a Chinese language course for which they can discuss with the counsellors.

We also provide guidance on the curriculum and study material provided by the university and information regarding standardized reference books that are recognized worldwide for various medical subjects.

Our counselors help in dealing with all issues or queries arising, on the academic or psychological aspect of the candidate. Every candidate has a personal lifestyle and follow a certain culture or tradition. With all the experience our counselors have, they advice students about the important or little things that they might need in day to day life, which will make it easy for them to adapt themselves in a new place.

We also provide references of our students already studying in various universities and those who passed successfully to become registered doctors and working in government sectors.

Our website will help you understand the details better but our counsellors will provide you free guidance and answer all your queries personally. We suggest you to contact us or register on website.

We conduct seminars and hold meetings to prepare the students for their MBBS course. Our consultancy claims to provide a quality and professional service.

We are always at your service to provide you surplus information and guidance about all your queries regarding MBBS admission in China.