Study MBBS in Ukraine – Complete Guide

Why to go for Ukraine for MBBS?


Doing MBBS from Ukraine is a good option for Indian students to study MCI approved medical programs at low-cost medical colleges with very attractive fee structure.

How to get admission In Ukraine for MBBS?

Studying MBBS is a fantasy for the vast majority of the students in India. Since childhood, the parents, teachers and persuasive individuals in Indian culture suggest examining either medicine or engineering. The United States Of America is a fantasy goal for each student to seek after higher studies.

To get enrolment in MBBS in Ukraine is a noticeable focus of International Studies.

Doing MBBS from Ukraine was extremely popular to study. Indian students till 2013-14. However, due to the war in 2014 against Russia on the eastern part of the country, few top medical universities of Ukraine in cities such as Lugansk and Donetsk which were fully filled with Indian students studying at low cost were transferred to Russia. However, on the western part, there are many MBBS colleges in Ukraine such as Ivano Frankivsk/Kiev and Sumy Medical University remains quiet and as good as the earlier times.

Overall, studying in Ukraine with a low MBBS fees in Ukraine is a good option for Indian students to study MCI approved medical programs at low-cost medical colleges with very attractive fee structure. Ukraine offers MBBS with fewer fees in the world at some of the best colleges in Ukraine.

Ukraine MBBS fee is economical for students who want to study medicine in Ukraine universitiesor a cheapest medical university in Asia. The total fees for MBBS are much lower than Indian medical colleges. Due to a low study in Ukraine cost, even though, there exists a wonderful Ukraine medical education center is what makes study in Ukraine for Indian students a wonderful option.


UNIVERSITIES1st Year Package (incl hostel Total Course fee (6 years)    
& other charges)
“OO Bogomolets Kiev National MedicalUniversity”7500487500290001885000
Bukovinian State Medical University6800442000263001709500
Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University7000455000280001820000
Kharkiv National Medical University7400481000314002041000
V.N Karazina Kharkiv National Medical University7100461500286001859000
Poltava National Medical University6400416000264001716000
Vinnitssa National Medical University7000455000290001885000
Odessa National Medical University7000455000296001924000
(Fee increases 200 to 300 USD from 2nd to 6th years)
Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy6500422000240001560000
Zaporozhye State Medical University7000455000280001820000
Ternopil State Medical University7000455000285001852500
Kiev Medical University UAFM6400416000239001553500
Taras Shevchenko National University of KYIV7500487500250001625000

Hostel charge is not included from 2nd year, its $500-800 per year.

1 USD=INR 75 (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated.

Medical Checkup, Medical Insurance and Visa Extension is excluded, Food Expenses $100-150 per month. Accommodation $500-1000 per year. Book My University service charges are additional for visa processing and air ticket charges


V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Also Known As Karazin University, with its more than 200 year history, is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. It is recognized to play a key role in the development of Kharkiv (Kharkov) into a million-plus city and to contribute a lot to the development of the Ukrainian education and science.

Three Nobel Prize winners (Ilya Mechnikov (Medicine), Lev Landau (Physics), Simon Kuznets (Economic Sciences)) and Fields medalist Vladimir Drinfeld are associated with the University. The University was founded in 1804.

It has graduated about 150,000 students. Over history Karazin University has greatly contributed to developing Ukrainian education and science as well as Kharkiv becoming a million-plus city.

Odessa National Medical University

It was established in 1900 as the Medical Faculty of the Novorossiyskiy State University in Odessa is the biggest port city of Ukraine located in the south east part of Ukraine on the shore of black sea.

The medical faculty soon became one of the most prestigious medical faculties in the Russian Empire. Many famous medical scientists including Nobel laureates like Professor Mechnikov worked here.

The Medical Faculty managed to survive the difficult and turbulent period of the early years of the Russian revolution and in 1922 it was transformed into an independent and autonomous Odessa State Medical Institute. It was later to become Odessa State Medical University after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in an independent Ukrainian Republic.


How much does it cost to study MBBS in Ukraine?

Ukraine universities offer you MBBS course as comparatively low fees. The best MBBS College here has prices ranging from 17 to 20 lakhs for the entire term of course.

Is MBBS from Ukraine valid in India?

Yes, it is the right decision to pursue MBBS in Ukraine. MBBS in Ukraine is very cost-effective for the international students, and they can continue their MBBS in India by qualifying MCI screening test for the same.

Is it good to study MBBS in Ukraine?

Yes, MBBS in Ukraine is good as after completing MBBS it offers its best students to stay permanently in Europe. And it has high ranked colleges for MBBS with good quality of education.

Is Ukraine a safe country to study?

Yes, Ukraine is a safe place to live, as the universities provide hostel facilities to international students which makes it convenient to stay safe and have food also.

Is it worth doing MBBS in Ukraine?

Yes, it worth it to pursue MBBS from Ukraine as it is known to be best in terms of its education system of practical aspects. Well, the Admission process is also simple so, you don’t need any entrance tests to study MBBS in Ukraine.