Study MBBS in KAZAKHSTAN – Complete Guide



If you are a medical student then you understand that how much hard work it involves than you’ve at any point worked in your life – however risks are, it’ll likewise include having a ton of fun than you’ve at any point had previously.

There are a lot of off-putting fantasies about being a therapeutic understudy, however, in actuality it’s agreeable, fascinating, and exceptionally fulfilling, particularly in light of what you’re working towards. Here is a way out to study MBBS in Kazakhstan and make a medical career easily in Kazakh and achieve the degree as MBBS in Kazakhstan.

For those of you who are really interested in the biological sciences, studying medicine is a great opportunity for them. After graduation, you have a wide range of opportunities for a future job in the field of medicine.

You have options to work in hospitals, scientific institutes, or be part of the medical department of some other professional field.

After doing MBBS study from Kazakhstan you can find specialists who are overseeing human services costs in financial aspects segments or add to the legitimate work proposed to check medicinal mistakes and patients’ rights.

  • Kazakhstan is an economically advanced and very developed nation, unlike other Asian countries
  • Faculties are highly qualified.
  • As compared to India, MBBS fees are very low.
  • Very low living expenses unlike other nations.
  • Easy Visa System and friendly weather.
  • Recognised colleges and universities by WHO, UNESCO, AMEE, IMED FAIMER.
  • Moderate climate.
  • Screening tests available for students like MCI (INDIA), USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), etc.

Going Kazakhstan for MBBS is the dream of every student. It is the world’s largest landlocked country located in the central part of Asia. The country has huge mineral resources and it is also one of the oil and natural gas-producing nations of the world.

The economy of the country is growing at a very fast pace; thus, people from different parts of the world are coming to the country for getting the best career opportunities.

The major portion of the population of the country speaks Kazakh but one can find it very easy to communicate with local people in the English language. The universities of Kazakhstan are also offering a number of professional courses like Management, Medical Science, Engineering, hotel management, and many more.

Now you can make your dream of doing MBBS from Kazakhstan either in public or private universities and colleges MBBS abroad

The government of the country is much concerned about the education system; therefore, one can find many governments and privately owned universities and colleges for higher studies.

At present the educational institutions at Kazakhstan are also attracting overseas students because of their quality education and ultra-modern facilities in the educational sector. Let us see why universities at Kazakhstan are becoming a hot destination for overseas students.

For the glorious future, do MBBS in Kazakhstan

In the country, there is the freedom to follow any religion but a major portion of the population is the follower of Islam. As a newly industrializing country Kazakhstan attracts many foreign companies to work with.

Students also can do research and doctorate programs from their desired institute. You can join your dream profession with quality education by studying at Kazakhstan universities at a very low cost. The government and private intuitions of the country are also arranging a special subsidised fees for overseas students.


UNIVERSITIES1st year package (incl hostel) Grand Total          
(1st to 5th Year)
Asfendiyarov National Medical University5700399000-1967000
Semey Medical University5300385000-1645000
Semey State Medical University7000455000222001443000

1 USD=INR 75 (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated.

Medical Checkup, Medical Insurance and Visa Extension is excluded, Food Expenses $100-150 per month. Accommodation $500-1000 per year. Book My University service charges are additional for visa processing and air ticket charges



It is one of the biggest higher medical education establishments of Kazakhstan Republic, which has its own teaching hospital with the branches in the Pavlodar city. The biggest dynamics of the university’s infrastructure development is given to intensive growth opportunities of educational, scientific, and innovation prosperity.

There are 8 faculties with more than 3685 students from all regions of Kazakhstan, from the neighbouring countries and far abroad, and around 2000 doctors improve their qualification on the postgraduate level.

The strategic aim of Medical University is to joint needs of The East Kazakhstan region in health care service and to develop highly qualified medical faculty


How much does it cost to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

MBBS course duration in Kazakhstan is five years, and it costs about 3600USD per year. Along with which the accommodation charges in the universities range around 600 USD, so it has a quite affordable fee structure for the students to study MBBS.

Is Kazakhstan Good for MBBS?

The best thing about MBBS in Kazakhstan is that it has sufficiently advanced methods of teaching. And they have the best medical universities that provide a world-class education to the students. The colleges of Kazakhstan has been listed in the World Directory of Medical Colleges.

Is MBBS degree from Kazakhstan valid in India?

Yes, students who do MBBS from Kazakhstan can practice in India. They have to qualify MCI screening or foreign medical graduate screening test (FMGE) to practice medicine in India.

Which is the best medical university in Kazakhstan?

Kazakh national medical university is considered to be the best university is term so teaching methods and infrastructure. It offers a one-year internship to the students for their experience.

Is it worth doing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Yes, it is worth it to pursue MBBS from Kazakhstan as it sets an opportunity to the d=students to get best-advanced experience along with classroom studies.

Who recognised medical colleges in Kazakhstan?

The best universities of Kazakhstan are recognised by the medical council of India (MCI), WHO, USMLE, GMC, and IMED. MBBS in Kazakhstan has a great value with its best medical equipment and methods of education.